We live on a uniquely beautiful and abundant island full of eateries and lush offerings. We also have a caring, connected community. Still, some people are struggling. They never get to live it up or get the luxury of a massage. If you have a business or service and would like to reach out to these members of our community and create some balance, here’s your chance!


Its called the Barter / LETS system. You donate cash or goods/services to the value of one of my treatments, and I will gift a treatment to someone local in need.


Apart from creating balance and healing in our local community, you will get exposure here on my website under LUSH SPONSORS and on my FB posts. Each time a treatment is donated, you can nominate someone or I will ask for nominations from our local community on FB, hence promoting you as well. I would love to try your service, drink your wine, have my lawns mowed or gift your service on and create more abundance for you!

Please contact me to discuss!


underground designDragonfired – Pizzas
Email: contact@dragonfired.co.nz
Text orders: 021 922 289
Web: dragonfired.co.nz

Bevans pizzas are my favorite on Waiheke, and my sons! Freshest whole ingredients, right on the beach, affordable prices and sassy service! Thanks to Bevan for spreading the lushness to someone who really needed it in the community. #localsustainability ❤️ Larissa
underground designUnderground Design – Website Design
Email: andy@ugdesign.nz
Tel: 021 610 340
Web: ugdesign.nz

I found Andy a pleasure to deal with, professional, patient and skillful. His background in coding makes the impossible possible, and he offers a range of services from basic to advanced website design. #highly recommended. Larissa