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Lush Massage – a deep, nourishing treatment.

Larissa has 20 years experience in massage and healing, and loves her work.

My special skill is to deeply listen to everyone’s individual body, tailoring the treatment to suit the quality of touch and pace you most need.

Her background is the flowing form of Hawaiian Massage with the slower strokes and deep body listening of the Maori. She studied Cultural Bodywork in Australia, with Stormie Lewis. Full body table treatments, mobile massage and lovers / pre-wedding lush ups offered.

Treat yourself!


“Larissa offers massage tailored to individual needs. I always leave my sessions with her feeling amazing, having received nurturing relaxation or muscle tension release. I appreciate how Larissa balances her intuitive touch with clear communication; she really makes sure her clients are getting the massage they need”

“Larissa was amazing; it was a nurturing, holistic experience. Deeply attuning to my body, she gently unknotted tired muscles and soothed sore joints. Her healing space is lovely and an oasis of calm. I can’t wait for my next treatment and can’t recommend her enough!”

“What an beautifully relaxing and regenerative experience with Larissa. Her massage is firm and her hands just seem to know instinctively where to go to get to the knots and tensions out of your body. She takes great care in what she does and you can sense her mindfulness and intuition. Will definitely be returning soon. Thank you.”

“Her magical hands and crystal clear intuitive sense for healing imbalance in the body always exceeded my expectation. True healer in the deepest way. This woman is magic!”

“Awesome work Larissa! I have received a massage yesterday, sooooo good! She has so much love n real care, she doesn’t just follow a protocol given from techniques ..but it’s more intuitive and could feel that she was attuned with my body and gave care and support where needed. I felt safe, well loved and soooo relaxed! Totally recommend Larissa!”

“Larissa’s Lush Massage is just what it says on the tin. She gifted me with over an hour (I lost track of time completely) of bliss. I especially liked her cute little treatment room with the textured walls, super-heated dry air, pungent spritzer spray and classic cello music. Really she has all the details taken care of to ensure the client is transported into another realm altogether. 10/10 would Lush Massage again …”

Lush Massage is now based in the Kapiti Coast
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