Cultural Bodywork

Cultural Bodywork


The touch is powerful and respectful, holding the body on a deep level. It is known for it’s transformational and unique results. Releasing physically held tension, allowing the corresponding emotional aspect to surface, and to be released. Stimulating the flow of energy in the client to promote self-healing.

Bodyworkers use their hands and forearms in long fluid strokes of varying degrees of intensity in a gentle rhythm, up and down the entire body.

The bodywork is dynamic, connected and fluid, utilising the body-mapping system and the dance like movements of Ka’aleleau. Reconnecting muscle forms and energy flow-lines.


The Principle of Cultural Bodywork is to combine the healing arts of the South Pacific Cultures. These cultures have taken thousands of years to develop their own individual and unique way of healing the body, mind and soul. The combination of these forms of healing is very powerful. I bring this fusion of cultures together in the learning and application of Cultural Bodywork.

This art of healing is performed with the greatest reverence and respect for the body. Spiritually, it encourages harmony between body, mind and soul, thus giving a feeling of alignment and focus. In learning this sacred art your own cleansing occurs, giving you a greater sense of self-presence within in your body, supporting you to move forward in life with greater ease.


The foundation of this art of healing comes from Hawaii, a martial arts style of Hawaiian Bodywork. It is performed in constant motion around the client, dynamic and flowing allowing shifts on an innate cellular level and uses a body mapping system that re-connects muscle tissues and body flow lines. The turning and shifting of the cells allows them to resettle themselves in a renewed way. The movement, rhythm and various speeds used in the dance like movements of the Cultural Bodywork generates different energy frequencies, which are used in various ways for healing. As you are moving and breathing you are generating energy in your own body so you remain energetic and focused throughout the treatment. Also, the generation of the different energy frequencies has an awakening effect on the tissues and cells of the body. In this way, the breathtaking dance of life cleanses all systems of the body, clears the mind and invigorates the soul.


Through the spiritual powers and sensitivity of the Maori, you gain the strength of inner knowledge. The cell intelligence of the body developed by this culture gives you a connection into the emotions lodged in the inner being and a way of releasing them.


Acknowledging the spirit and power of mind of the Aboriginal people, you will learn Illumination of insight, and the sacredness of earth, healing and spirit, brought forth in various forms.


On a physical level, this Healing Art moves large volumes of blood and invigorates the Lymphatic flow throughout the body, bringing oxygen and nutrients to every cell. Also, muscle contractions and spasms are relaxed, general body tension is relieved, blood vessels are dilated, circulation is improved, connective tissues are separated, the nutrition of joints and the elimination of harmful particles is hastened and the pain, inflammation, tissue damage and swelling of joints is lessened. Thus Cultural Bodywork, the movement of the body is improved.


A special bond and acceptance is formed between the practitioner and client, allowing the client the opportunity to completely let go of the accumulated tensions which are present in their lives. By releasing chronically held physical tension the corresponding emotional aspect can surface and also be released. Through Cultural Bodywork people can lighten their load, and can move forward in life. They float off the table feeling as if the weight of the world has been lifted off their shoulders. They feel cleansed and renewed with a sense of hope and inner strength. This is felt not only by the receiver, by the practitioner as well.


Also known as back walking, a deep stress release technique designed to help the body open up and let go of emotions held in the cell biology.

Practitioner uses mainly their knees and feet through presence rhythm and awareness. Supporting the client to surrender and breath within the rhyme of your movement. Stretching, stomach, face and neck work is also incorporated to bring about a sense of completeness.


Lara was trained by Stormie Lewis, founder and developer Cultural Bodywork. Stormie has been developing Cultural Bodywork for more than two decades. When she is teaching and sharing this amazing work with others her love and dedication is more than apparent. This love and dedication is also apparent in the teacher’s and students she has trained.