About Lara


I believe pleasure and ease is our natural state of being, and what we are all seeking, with so many things we do in our lives. To achieve pleasure in the body, often we need to slow down, tune in and maybe release stored tension or emotion that has built up due to being human.

Nurturing listening hands, and deep release techniques can unlock a lot of this. My goal is to reconnect you to your natural flow and balance.

“I like a good massage myself that has depth of touch and sensitivity to my needs, so that is what I aim to gift to my clients.”


The movements of the table massage are dance-like; slow and flowing, and I enjoy giving a massage for this reason. Often a deep reverence and feeling of love comes through me when I practice, and that makes it an honour and a gift to treat you!



The power of play… refocusing you mind to your senses can quickly shift your body’s state of being. For this reason I have simple fun tools available to stimulate your senses. They use sound, touch and smell. I include these in my Lovers / Pre-Wedding sessions  or Body Bliss treatments. Become fully alive in a playful way!

Awaken Your Senses

Lara was originally trained by Stormie Lewis, founder and developer Cultural Bodywork. She has also since been trained in Kashmiri Shiva Shakti Massage, intuitive reading, Sacred Touch massage and body casting.