Body Cast Art

Have you ever thought of getting ‘those’ parts of your body cast?

Why on Earth?

Some people want an altar piece for themselves, a gift for a lover, a memory before surgery or a fun girls night activity.

Imagine a box of nipple chocolates or other tantalising morsels for your groom to be…

Lush Body Cast Art offers:

  • Small to large plaster casts
  • Individual and group casting
  • Casting days to create chocolates
  • Creating your own personalised lamp
  • Women’s gatherings and hens nights
  • Ready made lamps for your shop or home


The Mission of Body Cast Art

Reclaiming our Erotic Beauty.

My work is driven by a desire to bring back reverence and deep
appreciation to our beauty-filled genitals.

The process of casting is a fun collaborative mission, and quite messy – not very sexy at all! The result however is empowerment, as it is powerful for us to view our bodies from an artistic perspective, and also to let them be admired by others. It increases self confidence and self love. The act of sharing these artworks takes boldness, in a world that likes to objectify and sexualise our bodies, while often stripping the sacred essence away.


“For me, light that shines through my altar lights represents the beauty, power and natural intelligence our bodies hold.”